2018-19 initiatives


IMPAACT: ISU Making Progress for the Asian American Community Today

Primary contactSom Mongtin
SummaryIMPAACT is a year-long leadership initiative aimed at addressing the invisibility and racism that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) experience. IMPAACT participants will reflect on the needs and experiences of AAPI students in higher education such as mentorship, community, representation in leadership roles, and support. The initiative will address a sense of belonging, provide participants tolls for addressing microagressions, and a plan for a call to action to serve the greater community.
Proposal (PDF)IMPAACT on the web (Facebook)

Inclusion of Diverse Womxn Scholars Initiative (IDWSI)

Primary contactRuxandra Looft
SummaryThe IDWS Initiative will focus on culturally relevant pedagogies of leadership, service, professional development, and self-cultivation. Through programming, the IDWSI team aims to provide opportunities for Iowa State University students, staff, and faculty to engage with each other both on campus and in the greater Ames community. Overall, our intention is to help our diverse womxn scholars become fully welcomed and integrated members of the ISU community. We believe these efforts will serve to promote both academic excellence and globally responsible citizenship.
Proposal (PDF) 

JAWS screen reader software

Primary contactRobin Ertz
SummaryWe will be purchasing one JAWS screen reader network license enabling us to use up to five seats at a time for nearly 1200 employees throughout Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. This will be used: 1) to educate faculty and staff on the experience of those who use screen readers; and 2) allow any employee to augment accessibility checking prior to document finalization. This initiative integrates into professional development opportunities on designing digitally accessible electronic documents: new planning structures, new workflows, new ways to use software, and new ways to test documents. This may serve as a model for others among the ISU Community.
Proposal (PDF) 

Midwestern Mathematics Inclusion and Diversity Workshop for Undergraduates (MMIDWU)

Primary contactPablo Raúl Stinga

The Department of Mathematics will host a workshop October 19-21, 2018 to collaborate with faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates in mathematics from regional schools. The workshop has three goals:

  1. To bring awareness to and reflect on experiences of underrepresented groups in math through awareness sessions;
  2. Invite faculty and students to learn about the programs of the department through panel discussions and immersion during the workshop; and
  3. To develop mathematical skills by having the invited faculty give a lecture series followed by problem-solving sessions.
Proposal (PDF) 

Open Spaces at ISU

Primary contactJean-Pierre Taoutel
SummaryThe project “Open Spaces at ISU” will create a space on the ISU campus where students from different social and cultural background can meet and share knowledge, skills, and understanding in a fun and learning environment. The space would be open to any type of teaching and learning. Anyone could teach something to others here. We believe that the diversity of the activities taught would foster a positive and inclusive environment for ISU students.

Proposal (PDF) and video



USTARS: Underrepresented Students in Topology and Algebra Research Symposium

Primary contactLeslie Hogben
SummaryThe Iowa State University Department of Mathematics is hosting USTARS 2019, the Underrepresented Students in Algebra and Topology Research Symposium. This is a national conference for graduate students. It will present a diverse group of mathematicians to Iowa State graduate and undergraduate students. Hosting this conference will showcase ISU to a diverse group of potential future postdoctoral fellows and faculty members and will enhance Iowa State’s reputation as a welcoming and inclusive university.
Proposal (PDF)USTARS 2019

WE Lead: Empowering and Inspiring Leaders

Primary contactAllie Parrott
SummaryThe Women’s Empowerment and Leadership (WE Lead) programming enhances the experience for underrepresented populations at Iowa State University. Programming includes a one-day conference, workshops throughout the year, and an online resource to help students connect to additional local leadership opportunities. WE Lead programming provides an opportunity for students to increase their confidence as leaders, build their networks, and share their voices in a safe and welcoming environment.
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