2019-20 Initiatives


Inclusive Teaching Spaces

Primary contactMarzia Rosati
SummaryTeaching spaces are more than mere backdrops. Like a theatre stage, different setups in classrooms can change the nature of the environment. Research shows that the symbolic décor can impact students’ sense of belonging. Hence we propose to place supportive posters of diverse, successful scientists and alumni in two large lecture halls of the physics building where an estimated 3000 students take courses each week and explore how this improves students’ sense of belonging.
Proposal (PDF) 

Join the Scrum!  Regenerative Environmental Design for Autism

Primary contactJulie Irish
SummaryHost a Design Charette to inform a class project with students from Architecture, Interior Design, and Historic Preservation.  The project will repurpose existing buildings into homes for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Invited guests and stakeholders will include adults with ASD and their families, non-profit and government housing providers, civic leaders, and local architecture firms.  Students will be able to engage with stakeholders to produce designs that meet their needs.
Proposal (PDF) 

Leading from the Middle: Creating a Network of Women Directors at ISU

Primary contactSara Marcketti
SummaryLeaders in middle-level management of an organization hold significant influence and face unique and complex challenges. Middle leaders embrace the initiatives of the greater institution, implement multiple and various directives, and champion communication among their personnel. Our proposal will bring together ISU women directors to share leadership resources, assessment, and support to one another to strengthen the foundation and community of Iowa State University.
Proposal (PDF) 

Making Iowa State University Meetings & Events More Inclusive, Diverse, and Accessible:  A Toolkit for ISU

Primary contactEric Olson
SummaryThis project will (a) conduct an assessment of current ISU event and meeting planners, campus experts, and industry experts to find “best practices” in planning events that are diverse, inclusive, and accessible; (b) mentor students enrolled in EVENT 486 Fall 2019 semester that will plan and produce an event that is inclusive, diverse, and accessible, grounded on the best practices from our industry assessment; and (c) create a toolkit to assist ISU event and meeting planners.
Proposal (PDF) 

Supporting Inclusive Spaces Together Through Experiences and Recognition (SISTER)

Primary contactAshley Garrin
SummaryThis project seeks to create an inclusive, supportive space for faculty and staff who identify as women of color (WOC) through a sister circle framework. Providing space and programming that is affirming, positive and uplifting, will allow WOC working at a predominately White institution (ISU) to share their experiences. Ultimately, this collective will enhance the quality of life for participants by increasing their ability to create a shared community where they are accepted and validated.

Proposal (PDF)