Appearance Request

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Event Information
Provide an overview of what will happen at the event and detail event objectives/goals and how you hope to meet those goals by having DI professional(s) in attendance.
Request Details
If your event is a panel presentation, please provide information about other confirmed and invited panelists, including how the panel makeup provides for a diversity of backgrounds, viewpoints, and identities (ethnicity, sexual identity, gender identity, etc.).
Describe in detail what you would like the Office of Diversity and Inclusion professional(s) to do in connection with your event.
Interaction Information
Venue Information
Provide additional information about the venue that would be pertinent to planners (directions that may not be found on online map, for instance)
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Please complete and submit the appearance request form at least 14 days in advance of the event date for consideration. 

For speaking and presentation requests, more lead time may be necessary in order to tailor a presentation that best suits your needs. 

If your request is not acknowledged by our office within 3 business days, email to confirm its submission.