Excerpt from pg. 9 of Iowa State University Division of Student Affairs Implementation Plan for Diversity Equity and Community: 2006-2011 (link) - May 1, 2007



Phil Hernandez & Penny Rice Chairs

Fall 2005 – This past summer the Iowa State Campus was victim of campus disturbances that carried with it messages of hate. As this was not the first time such an incident had taken place on the Ames campus, I was inspired to create and lead a commission within the Government of the Student body to compile research towards the development of an intentional statement for Iowa State University. The idea of the commission was born out of desire to have a campus dialogue in response to campus disturbances that have existed on our campus. In a proactive approach, the intentional [or value] statement will serve as a compact for all members of the Iowa State campus community. I want to clarify that this will not be a policy statement, but rather an intrinsic set of values that will serve as a guide for our University as it celebrates and promotes each facet of our community.

As a leader within the Principles Commission, our main focus for the development of an intentional statement has been related to the frustration that the student body itself consistently fails to be engaged to consider the meaning or effects of campus disturbances. I think as a student leader and as a student affairs professional in-training, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves to understand the harmful effects campus disturbances have on the fabric of university life.

The Senate of the Student Body has placed on the members of the Principles Commission the responsibility of gathering student, staff, and faculty feedback on what it means to be a member of the ISU family. These probing inquiries will be the structure that the Commission will ground the draft of a statement that will embody all members of the Iowa State Community. This statement will speak of our commitment to respect, appreciation of diversity, self-awareness and scholarship. This forward thinking process will enable us to develop a statement that will bring our community together, focus our action plans, and stand the test of time for years to come.

Update May 2007 – President Geoffroy has approved the Principles Commission statement and they are in wide distribution across the University.