Professional Development

New diversity, equity, and inclusion training

New training for employees has been launched on Learn@ISU. This training is focused on the concept of bias - why everyone has biases, and how to identify, manage, and overcome them. Type keyword "managing bias" to find the course in the Learn@ISU catalog. 

Project Implicit COVID-19 Task

This Brief Implicit Association Test (BIAT) requires the ability to recognize photos of landmarks from the UK, US, China, and Italy. It will test how you associate COVID-19 with these countries/people. While data from participants is anonymously collected, researchers make it publicly available on the Project Implicit Demonstration website. 

The Insider Outsider Podcast: Leading edges of virtual learning in diversity and inclusive leadership

Discussion on what the state of the art is in virtual learning and how might it be applied to the topics of diversity and inclusive leadership. This free ranging conversation shares tips in designing and building virtual learning quickly as well as effectively.

Guide to Allyship

An open source starter guide to help you become a more thoughtful and effective ally.