Educational Tools

Growth, learning and change take time, energy and development of new skills. Numerous options for self-guided exploration of different Diversity, Equity and Inclusion topics are available to meet the needs of campus community members.

DEI work is not one size fits all. Choose what fits best depending on your interests, learning style, and current understanding of these issues. 

Confronting Racism

This collaboration between Colegas and the University Library's DEI Committee presents selected important readings for addressing racism and specifically anti-Blackness racism.

A Short History of White Supremacy and Anti-Black Racism in Iowa

This essay by Associate Professor Katy Swalwell explores powerful myths that learning about the history of white supremacy and anti-Black racism in Iowa can help burst. 

Talking About Race

Talking about race, although hard, is necessary. The National Museum of African American History and Culture provides tools and guidance to empower your journey and inspire conversation.

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ List of 13 Recommended Books

Coates mentioned the books that move and motivate him, in the hopes, he says, that “folks who read Between the World and Me will read this book, and then go read a ton of other books.” 

Contemporary White Antiracism

The Cross Cultural Solidarity’s resource page includes organizations, social media, resource pages, books, book lists, articles, videos and podcasts, as well as a section focused on reckoning with White supremacy as part of White antiracism. 

Anti-Racist Resource Guide

This guide is for anyone looking to broaden their understanding of anti-racism and to combat racism, specifically as it relates to anti-Blackness. It explores practical ways to understand, explain, and solve problems of racial inequity, white supremacy, police violence, and injustice. 

Anti-Racism Resources for White People 

This document is intended to serve as a resource for white people and parents to deepen anti-racism work. It includes resources for white parents to raise anti-racist children, articles, videos, podcasts, books, films and Tv series, and organizations.

Black employees say ‘performative allyship’ is an unchecked problem in the office

Black employees from across industries told Fortune their companies speak out in support of racial equality but don’t hire black executives or equally pay black employees, don’t listen to their concerns regarding discrimination, or were completely silent about racism up until now.