Inclusive Action Commission

The IAC is a collective of campus leaders with past experience in shared governance, university committee leadership, and inclusion efforts on campus. Through the Commission, a network of dedicated professionals who have already committed their time, energy, and intellect in formal roles on campus engage in opportunities to continue their impact at ISU regardless of official leadership title. 

Commission members assist the Division of Diversity and Inclusion in matters that require partners who have experience in, leadership of, and engagement with the campus community. IAC members will be tapped to advise and assist on steering committees, project development, task forces, and other initiatives developed by the Division.

To be considered for membership, individuals must:

  • be either a recipient of the University Award for Inclusive Excellence or a former leader of a shared governance group on campus or a past leader of a University Committee with an inclusion mission, and
  • have demonstrated a commitment to inclusion in their former roles, and
  • have developed the skills to navigate university policies and procedures for positive change