Campus Conversations

These events bring together the campus community and are open to students, faculty, and staff. The content relates to current events and campus climate. Attendees are encouraged to engage in conversations where they can voice opinions, concerns, and suggestions in a safe environment.

Campus Conversations are designed to bring together communities and can include different formats:

  • Brief presentation
  • Open mic participation
  • Small group discussion

Each event is organized in collaboration with campus partners and can be adapted to focus on the needs or climate of specific units.

Upcoming Campus Conversations

CC IX: From words to bullets - Managing threats and fear

Join us on Thursday, October 10, 3:00 - 5:00 PM, in Parks Library, Room 198 for a presentation by ISU PD Engagement and Inclusion Officers followed by small group discussions. 

In a world with 24/7 news coverage of mass violence incidents, hate rhetoric on the rise, and identity-based attacks, many ISU community members feel unsafe or fearful. 

Campus Conversation IX: From Words to Bullets - Managing Threats and Fears, is a much-needed opportunity to explore common fears many community members have about verbal, physical, and lethal attacks, as well as a space to gain knowledge participants can then use as tools to increase their own safety.

This conversation will center those who are most impacted and fearful of this violence, and therefore will focus on the concerns of our community members with marginalized and oppressed identities.

The information provided will highlight options available for ISU community members, including reporting resources and spaces for support on campus as well as strategies to use in the moment. 

About ISU PD Engagement and Inclusion Officers

The engagement and inclusion officer (EIO) initiative was launched in 2015. This community-building outreach program has since grown to nine officers, several of them Iowa State alumni.  EIOs provide training, resources, and presentations to students on campus to help engage more frequently with the Iowa State campus. Their aim is to help vulnerable communities on campus while also building trust between students and officers.

EIOs have established a formal partnership with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to increase opportunities for interacting with students in non-police-related settings. For more information, visit:

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