Lazos (Bonds)


Lazos is a group formed by Hispanic/Latino professors at ISU, who identified a gap in their own college experience and decided to do something different for our community.  We want to get to know you, the students of ISU. Lazos creates a safe and welcoming space where we can discuss the issues that face Hispanic/Latino men on the ISU campus. By taking part in casual conversations, we want to form bonds between students and faculty, as well as a network of peers among students that lead to and last far beyond graduation.

Getting Involved

Being new on a university campus can be exciting – and a little scary. There are many new things to do, people to meet, and life details to manage. And so many questions…

  • Can I really talk to professors?
  • Are there other students like me on campus?
  • Does anybody here really care?

That last question is very important – and what Lazos tries to address. We do it by getting to know one another, and developing friendships. To help make that happen, we organize monthly dinner socials. The best way to stay connected is to join the Lazos mailing list.  

Fall 2019 Dinner Social Dates (Hach Hall Atrium, 5:30-7:00 pm)


Hispanic Professors on Campus


    Lazos (Bonds) faculty and students

    Fall 2018 Lazos members