Gender and Sexual Diversity Initiatives


The Division of Diversity and Inclusion is committed to the full participation of ISU community members who hold diverse gender and sexual identities in support of ISU’s efforts to develop and sustain a more comprehensively inclusive environment aligned with the university’s strategic plan. 

Gender and Sexual Diversity Initiatives (GSDI) within the Office of Diversity and Inclusion exists to address matters that are important to the LGBTQ+ community and is the touchpoint for community members who would like to engage in work around topics of gender and sexual diversity.


Current Initiatives

GSDI is involved in a number of ongoing projects on campus, in the Ames area, and throughout Iowa.  They include:

  • Advancing relationships within the ISU LGBTQ+ community
  • Administration of the Big 12 Violence and Discrimination Awareness and Prevention fund
  • Centering healthcare in Ames for people who are transgender through a partnership with Ames healthcare providers
  • Pronoun Project and common language in gender and sexual diversity topics
  • More robust campus information systems and processes
  • Connecting with future Cyclones annually at the Iowa Safe Schools conference on LGBTQ youth
  • Working with ISU Extension and Outreach / 4-H Youth Development LGBTQ+ Champions
  • Collaboration with Ames Pride non-profit organization
  • Consulting with and presenting at events sponsored by statewide LGBTQ+ agencies
  • 2019 Matthew Shepard Scholarship dinner sponsorship

Future Projects

  • Inclusive restrooms / facilities on campus and education on their importance with project managers
  • Development of University Committee on Gender and Sexual Diversity Initiatives
  • Creation of Pride Summit - Ames
  • Publication of LGBTQ+ history at ISU and in Ames