ISU SISTER (Supporting Inclusive Spaces Through Experiences and Recognition) seeks to create an inclusive, supportive space for faculty and staff who identify as women of color (WOC) through a sister circle framework. Providing space and programming that is affirming, positive and uplifting, will allow WOC working at a predominantly White institution (ISU) to persist. 

Ultimately, this collective will enhance the quality of life for participants by increasing their ability to create a shared community where they are centered and validated. This group is open to faculty and staff that identify as women of color.

We proudly welcome women who are cisgender, trans, of trans experience, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who female-identify.



Each month a SISTER volunteers to host a lunch and activity to build community and connections. Some previous events have included: 

  • Designing your Life: Professional Development Workshop
  • Book Club: The Yellow House by Sarah M. Broom
  • Zumba: Health & Wellness Lunch Session 
  • Get Your Hands Dirty- Planting & Potting Workshops
  • Emergency Preparedness workshop
  • SISTER Retreat: Legends Panel
  • Cooking Demonstrations 

SISTER Lunch Perspectives

  • "It has helped me feel connected to others on campus. Working in spaces where I am often the only person of color, it is an amazing time of community and encouragement. I look forward to weeks with SISTER events."
  • "Makes me feel more comfortable on campus!"
  • "I believe that the diversity of our group is awesome and gives me joy each time we are together."
  • "It was wonderful. They each provided insight and wisdom. It was incredibly motivating and inspirational. I wish I recorded it to look back on during difficult days here."

Connect with Us 

We want to connect with you. For more information about the group or to join our email list, please contact us

ISU SISTER at Reiman Gardens

Leadership Team

Ancar, Lequetia, Engineering Student Services

Fisher, JahmaiCenter for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Flagge, Carmen, College of Human Sciences Student Services

Frette, SarahCollege of Human Sciences Student Services

Garrin, Ashley, Graduate College

Harris, Akelo, Senior Vice President & Provost

Nunez, Santos, Engineering Student Services

Vega Garcia, Susan, Library